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Power & Telecom

Telecom energy managers have a daunting task in front of them. Mobile data traffic is moving towards almost exponential growth, so energy consumption and the global carbon footprint of our industry increase. With 5G expected to double your network energy consumption more, our responsibilities as telecom energy managers become even more critical.

At USCO, we focus on providing you with power telecom solutions for your actual needs while keeping future power needs in mind. Power telecom is evolving, and we run this process for you.

The list of our Products & Services:
o Batteries (Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium)
o Rectifiers (DC Power cabinet, Rectifier module, controller, LVD, Fuses, Distribution)
o Uninterruptable Power Supply UPS (Rack mounted, tower, redundancy & modular types)
o Generators
o Spare Parts for Telecom shelters
o Batteries Rack & Enclosure
o Batteries test equipment
o Inverters
o Stationary Batteries chargers
o Stabilizer
o AC & DC load bank
o Transformers
o Electrical panel board
o Lighting devices
o Cables & control wires
o Electrical accessories
o Telecom accessories